Look and Feel of Classic Artist Painter

The old and the new of it.

My invention of a mouse pad glued on
an artists pallet, coupled with an i-pen
optical mouse (wireless), gives the
look and feel of classic oil painting.
My wife sat in as model while I took
these photos. More than just looks, the
mouse pad pallet is ideal for this applic-
ation, since it gives freedom of movement.

Until I get a real one, this upside down
big felt pen is also sitting in for an i-pen.
Never the less, it gives you my idea/vision
for future artists like myself.

Now if you take a 17 inch flat screen monitor
(like the one in these photos far right) and
mount it on a nice big fancy easel, then
you got more or less the image of a modern
artist painting using digital paint and brush,
on a digital canvas. That makes it easier to
sell prints, while the original stays safely and
neatly in the backed up hard drive away from
dust and all the elements.

Yes I will get a big nice easel and mount my 17
inch monitor on it, and get an artists beret as well.
A large part of being an artist/painter is the classic
ambiance and tools that an artist uses while working.
Like the smell of linseed oil and the like, which I will
miss, but sometimes progress means sacrifice.

I don't have a lot of money to spend on art supplies
which can get expansive. So I am doing without
while doing with, meaning using what I have on
hand to create art. The 17 inch monitor I use for
music and recording, so it will double for both
music and painting now.

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