Look and Feel of Classic Artist Painter

The old and the new of it.

My invention of a mouse pad glued on
an artists pallet, coupled with an i-pen
optical mouse (wireless), gives the
look and feel of classic oil painting.
My wife sat in as model while I took
these photos. More than just looks, the
mouse pad pallet is ideal for this applic-
ation, since it gives freedom of movement.

Until I get a real one, this upside down
big felt pen is also sitting in for an i-pen.
Never the less, it gives you my idea/vision
for future artists like myself.

Now if you take a 17 inch flat screen monitor
(like the one in these photos far right) and
mount it on a nice big fancy easel, then
you got more or less the image of a modern
artist painting using digital paint and brush,
on a digital canvas. That makes it easier to
sell prints, while the original stays safely and
neatly in the backed up hard drive away from
dust and all the elements.

Yes I will get a big nice easel and mount my 17
inch monitor on it, and get an artists beret as well.
A large part of being an artist/painter is the classic
ambiance and tools that an artist uses while working.
Like the smell of linseed oil and the like, which I will
miss, but sometimes progress means sacrifice.

I don't have a lot of money to spend on art supplies
which can get expansive. So I am doing without
while doing with, meaning using what I have on
hand to create art. The 17 inch monitor I use for
music and recording, so it will double for both
music and painting now.

The Crucifiction



2-5-08 start date

I have been wanting to do this painting
for years. I got the idea of using an old
dead tree for the cross, and clouds for
the face and hands of Jesus.

I will work on this painting little by little
as I finish up Michael and the Dragon.
I am really starting to like this MS Painting
thing, I hope I don't get tired of it too soon.


Michael and the Dragon

I use the finished painting as my desktop.  2-8-08

-------2-2-08---still not done !




-------1-24-08----start date

As you can see, I have went ahead and started
Michael and the Dragon a 100 percent MS Painting
and will post my progress here the same way I did
it for "Not So Still Life." I think I figured out how to
keep the MS Paint from degrading like it did in Not
So Still Life re-construction.

I won't be posting changes every day, and I will
be working on this painting at a slower pace.
This painting is completely out of my head,
meaning, from my imagination. This in no copy.
After learning a few things from working on Not
So Still Life, I think I can make a descent go at it.

------------Pen Input device

Note: 2-1-08 I just purchased an i-pen/wireless.
I will however, keep Michael and the Dragon, the MS
(finger)Painting that it is. I will use the i-pen on my
next painting.
i-pen input device works much like the touch
pad synaptics technology. Otherwise I am feeling
back in kinder garden in finger painting class, using
the touch pad on my laptop for MS Paint.
Pen 2
With the right kind of  i-Pen input device, MS Paint
will take on a new life of its own, and become a
serious tool for art and artists. Otherwise it's
back to finger painting class.

This i-Pen (above) for $99.99, wireless,
(which I just bought)  is looking pretty
good for working with PC graphics


Unbelievable MS Painting

After watching this video, 0f a MicroSoft
Painting of the Monalisa, I have decided
to switch mediums from oil on canvas to
MS Paint. This video proves it can be done
albeit with tons of patience. I have a touch
pad on my dell laptop, so I will give it a try.

I will try and do Michael and the Dragon
on MS Paint. It may take more time, but
I think it can be done. I can always go back
to oil on canvas. I have been playing around
with MS Paint for years, so I know a little
about how it works. Watch this amazing
video and decide for your self.

I take my hat off to Jason Baalman for being
the artistic genius behind this MS Painting of
the Monalisa, and for showing me that MS
Paint could be taken serious for my future