Profile Image Photos

Pupil Gauge

These three eye images are mine. I use these
as my profile image, so that people can know on
what given day I am up or down in my Bipolar
Mood Swings. I use the black pupil when I am
feeling normal and sane. But I use the red pupil
when I am feeling crazy and manic. I use the
negative photo when I am depressed. My manic
side is my Anti-Christ side, while my good little
Christian side is my normal and some what sane side.

The alien looking photo of me, is self explanatory .
If you frequent my weblog, then you will see
the pupil in my profile image change from negative
to black to red and to the alien photo and back again.
This event is akin to Set Up Symboling, of which I will
initiate an action from the whole world. Later*, all this
will be by you the general public, fully understood.

* once your dead

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