Not So Still Life

-----------------Not So Still Life Final Version
-----------------!WINNER! of the I'm tired of
-----------------working on this painting and
-----------------this is the last coolest version
-----------------Award. Not bad for a finger
-----------------painting. Now if I transfer this
-----------------last coolest version to oil on
-----------------canvas, I will have an artistic
-----------------masterpiece for sale. But what
-----------------about prints ? I could sell the
-----------------prints of this and all future
-----------------MS Paintings. If you want to
-----------------print a copy of this painting
-----------------you have my Angel De Fuego
-----------------permission. Just be sure to hit
-----------------the donation button on the way
-----------------out. :-) But, more important than
-----------------money, make sure my name stays
-----------------attached to this painting (above)
----------------"Not So Still Life" as its creator
-----------------and originator.

---------------When you expand this picture (click) and look at it,
---------------it is hard to tell that it is half oil and half MS Paint.
---------------Apart from the pixel/digital like distortion around
---------------each piece of fruit that is plainly visible in the exp-
---------------anded version of this halfbreed unfinished painting,
---------------it is starting to look OK.


------------------Not So Still Life Re-Construction

Original photo.
Click all photos to expand

Not So Still Life. composition note 1979

This / these are the only existing
photos of my oil painting from 1979
called Not So Still Life. The top half
(not shown) in the finished painting
is of some fruit floating out of a bowl
and then floating out of an open

Even the bowl is floating upward to
head out the window.

It was my favorite painting but was
lost out of the back of my then, 2001
camper truck, somewhere in San Jose

In the picture upper right, you can
see part of the banana and some, tape
on photo,torn distortion.

I will try to re-do it again using the method
of the MS Paint program. As you can see below,
I started the re-construction of this painting
using MS Paint. Given enough time, I know
I can do it, although from memory.

I will work on this half oil and half MS Painting
before starting Michael and the Dragon.
Thank You Jason Baalman for the inspiration
to Paint using MS Paint. As you can see,
there are benefits to using MS Paint.
Getting the banana just right using MS
Paint will be a little tricky, but it will make
for good practice. Who knows! I may even
get good at this.

-----Started with this all oil.


--------------1-21-08 ---so far so good

--------------1-22-08----looking better

-------------1-23-08----final layout version.

I'll come back to this halfbreed painting
later, I'm going to go rest my eyes and
work on some music. It may take weeks
before I resume my work on this painting,
but you can check back occasionally to
see what's going on. This is a painting
still in progress, even though I have
signed it already. Later I will work on
the fine detail of this piece and the
layout will remain the same.

NOTE: there is a noticeable difference
in the texture of the bowl and table
between 1-19-08 and 1-23-08 I think
I know why this is. If I can not correct
this and keep it from happening, then
I will consider it part of the computers
own creative input, akin to a personal
brush stroke in style and interpretation.
I also added the extra window and extra
fruit that were not in the original, giving
it a different more finished/balanced look.

Different composition
same theme. I did a little more
work on the banana. The banana, which is
100 percent MS Paint and not done yet, is
starting to look real good in the expanded
version of this new layout theme. It's not
bad for a finger style painting on a clumsy
touch pad.

I will eventually work on each piece of
fruit separately, but hopefully with a
pen input device like I mentioned
in a different post.

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