Michael and the Dragon

I use the finished painting as my desktop.  2-8-08

-------2-2-08---still not done !




-------1-24-08----start date

As you can see, I have went ahead and started
Michael and the Dragon a 100 percent MS Painting
and will post my progress here the same way I did
it for "Not So Still Life." I think I figured out how to
keep the MS Paint from degrading like it did in Not
So Still Life re-construction.

I won't be posting changes every day, and I will
be working on this painting at a slower pace.
This painting is completely out of my head,
meaning, from my imagination. This in no copy.
After learning a few things from working on Not
So Still Life, I think I can make a descent go at it.

------------Pen Input device

Note: 2-1-08 I just purchased an i-pen/wireless.
I will however, keep Michael and the Dragon, the MS
(finger)Painting that it is. I will use the i-pen on my
next painting.
i-pen input device works much like the touch
pad synaptics technology. Otherwise I am feeling
back in kinder garden in finger painting class, using
the touch pad on my laptop for MS Paint.
Pen 2
With the right kind of  i-Pen input device, MS Paint
will take on a new life of its own, and become a
serious tool for art and artists. Otherwise it's
back to finger painting class.

This i-Pen (above) for $99.99, wireless,
(which I just bought)  is looking pretty
good for working with PC graphics

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