Unbelievable MS Painting

After watching this video, 0f a MicroSoft
Painting of the Monalisa, I have decided
to switch mediums from oil on canvas to
MS Paint. This video proves it can be done
albeit with tons of patience. I have a touch
pad on my dell laptop, so I will give it a try.

I will try and do Michael and the Dragon
on MS Paint. It may take more time, but
I think it can be done. I can always go back
to oil on canvas. I have been playing around
with MS Paint for years, so I know a little
about how it works. Watch this amazing
video and decide for your self.

I take my hat off to Jason Baalman for being
the artistic genius behind this MS Painting of
the Monalisa, and for showing me that MS
Paint could be taken serious for my future

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